SteadiChips Co.,Ltd. is a professional semiconductor design company focusing on the development and sales of high performance analog and mixed signal chips. The company has a high level chip design team with rich mixed signal design experience, and nearly 100 international leading invention patents and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

SteadiChips Co.,Ltd. was founded in June 2009, the company headquarters is located in Hangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company has branches and offices in Wuxi, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The company's products have a wide range of applications, including security monitoring, industrial control, instrumentation, automotive electronics, communication equipment and consumer electronics and many other fields.

SteadiChips Co.,Ltd. has established a perfect quality assurance system, from system design, circuit design, laboratory testing, application testing to the various common controls, such as reliability test and upstream and downstream suppliers and customers work together to ensure that every thought teddy semiconductor production products have outstanding performance and good consistency. The company has always been to provide high-quality products to customers as the mission, to respond to the market quickly, fast service to customers for the purpose, to bring customers the ultimate application experience as the ultimate goal.