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  • Analog IC design engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Master degree or above, major in electronic engineering or related;

    2. At least 2 years analog or power circuit design experience;

    3. Familiar with common EDA tools;

    4. Pay attention to theoretical calculation and analysis, be rigorous, careful and responsible in work;

    5. Teamwork spirit, friendly communication with colleagues, willing to share;

    • Job responsibilities

    1. ADC/DAC direction: Familiar with one or more of SAR, Sigma-Delta, Pipeline, Flash ADC, high speed DAC, solid foundation;

    2. Familiar with various simulation tools and MATLAB modeling;

    3. Mainly engaged in high-precision ADC chip design after joining the company;

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  • Analog IC Design Assistant

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or master degree in electronic engineering, integrated circuit semiconductor or related field;

    2. Knowledge of digital circuit, analog circuit, semiconductor device, etc.

    3. Strong learning ability and initiative, willing to accept new things, have their own ideas and can put forward reasonable suggestions;

    4. Work carefully, have a high sense of responsibility, self-motivated, executive ability;

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Perform circuit design and verification as required by the project leader;

    2. Cooperate with the project leader to complete the project on time, and prepare technical documents for the responsible modules;

    3. Guide layout engineers to complete layout design according to work requirements;

    4. Provide support to production and sales departments;

    • Resume email:

  • Analog IC Design Engineer (Medium/High Voltage)

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Master degree or above in microelectronics or related field, at least 3 years analog IC development experience, familiar with analog IC design method;

    2. Successful power supply chip flow experience. Deep understanding of power product technology;

    3. Have deep understanding of semiconductor devices and process flow, familiar with and deep understanding of CMOS/BCD process is preferred;

    4. Experience in medium/high voltage and high current DCDC/Charge Pump /Led driver/LDO/Charger and other power management chips is preferred;

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Circuit architecture design, analysis and evaluation, analog circuit design, simulation and verification;

    2. Participate in product definition, technical feasibility study and competitive analysis from an engineering perspective;

    3. Design analog power products and modules, switching power supply, LED driver, PMIC, battery charger chip, AC/DC, motor driver, etc.;

    4. Guide and track layout engineers to complete layout work;

    5. Work with application and test engineer to make chip lab test plan and perform chip performance test, and give test report;

    Develop mass production test plan together with product test engineer, support mass production test tool development;

    • Resume email:

  • Algorithm engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above in automation, electrical engineering or related field;

    2. Familiar with motor control algorithm, basic control object mathematical modeling method, control algorithm simulation;

    3. Experience in developing embedded software for motor drive products, skilled in using more than one kind of master MCU;

    4. Familiar with basic knowledge of automatic control principle, proficient in C language embedded programming, MATLAB/SIMULINK programming;

    5. Love technology, dare to challenge, dare to innovate, pay attention to work efficiency.

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Develop motor control algorithm and new technology;

    2. Complete the simulation and analysis of motor control system in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment;

    3. Establish and maintain software development tool chain

    4. Cooperated with chip department to integrate the algorithm;

    5. Complete patent application and research and development documents on time;

    • Resume email:

  • System Design Engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above in automation, electrical engineering or related field;

    2. Proficient in FPGA system development, with rich experience in digital and analog system development.

    3. Proficient in the functional principles of MCU peripherals, familiar with at least one MCU development language and environment.

    4. Familiar with mainstream embedded software development tools.

    5. Familiar with Sch/PCB design software.

    6. Quick thinking and research spirit; Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Pre-research and system implementation of new chip technology;

    2. SPEC formulation and function design of chip system.

    3. Chip function analysis and test.

    • Resume email:

  • Senior technical support engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree in electronics, communication, automatic control or related major;

    2. At least 2 years working experience in FAE of original chip factory;

    Familiar with motor drive chip debugging and development, security industry experience is preferred;

    4. Outgoing, rigorous, excellent communication and coordination skills, able to work on occasional business trips;

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Responsible for product technical support;

    2. Familiar with the performance of the company's products, able to solve most of the technical problems in customer product development;

    3. Assisted in sales and promotion of the company's products to achieve d-LN and D-WIN for customers;

    4. As the interface between customer and internal R&D, feedback customer problems and promote continuous improvement and development of R&D;

    • Resume email:

  • Test engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Skilled in test development and 3~5 years test experience in semiconductor industry

    Familiar with semiconductor related test equipment and Handler

    3. Familiar with product test exception processing process

    4. Experience in statistical analysis of CP/FT/WAFER PCM data

    5. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Test development ability

    2. Wafer PCM data

    3. Wafer CP test

    4. FT test of finished products

    5. Analysis of defective products complained by customers

    6. Reliability experiment

    Resume email:

  • Application manager

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering;

    At least 3 years working experience in electronic machine or chip industry, with technical management experience;

    3. Familiar with common laboratory equipment;

    4. Skilled in using EDA tools for circuit and PCB design;

    5. Good communication skills, proactive work attitude, strong team motivation and cooperation spirit.

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Developed new product verification scheme, completed IC engineering sample electrical characteristics test and system-level test;

    2. Responsible for designing EVM, writing Application Notes, training materials and other related technical documents;

    3. Provide software and hardware technical support and solution support for production and FAE departments of the company;

    4. Manage and develop AE team.

    • Resume email:

  • The product manager

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in semiconductor, electronic engineering, management or related;

    At least 5 years product manager experience in semiconductor industry;

    3. Good knowledge of data analysis application, operation data analysis, market research analysis, etc.;

    Familiar with industry regulations and relevant policies;

    5. Good team work ability;

    6. Excellent communication and understanding skills, clear thinking, practical, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure.

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Responsible for the company's product market positioning, product planning and function design, customer demand mining, demand priority management, product development blueprint and implementation roadmap;

    2. Responsible for comprehensive analysis of domestic and foreign competitive products, including functions, performance, cost, market share, etc.;

    3. Responsible for PRD of new products, clearly and explicitly explain product design objectives, including functions, performance indicators, packaging, cost, user usage scenarios, etc., further confirm requirements with users in the process of technical development, and timely revise product planning schemes;

    4. Responsible for making new product development plans and schedule management, including cross-department schedule coordination and management;

    5. Responsible for customer sample submission management, customer problem management, etc.

    6. Cooperate with sales and promotion teams to complete product training and other related work;

    7. Develop and manage product line pricing strategy;

    8. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders on time.

    • Resume email: