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  • Algorithm Design Engineer

    • Algorithm design engineer

    • Location: Hangzhou

    • Job requirements

    1. Master degree or above in applied mathematics, automation, electrical engineering or related field;

    2. Familiar with motor control algorithm, basic control object mathematical modeling method, control algorithm simulation;

    3. Experience in developing embedded software for motor drive products, skilled in using more than one kind of master MCU;

    4. Familiar with basic knowledge of automatic control principle, proficient in C language embedded programming, MATLAB/SIMULINK programming;

    • Job responsibilities

    1. Develop motor control algorithm and new technology;

    2. Complete the simulation and analysis of motor control system in MATLAB/SIMULINK environment;

    3. Establish and maintain software development tool chain

    4. Cooperated with chip department to integrate the algorithm;

    5. Complete patent application and research and development documents on time;

    • Resume email: